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 Spendengelder für erfundene "Tierrechtsgefangene"
Name: Achim StößerAchim Stößer Permalink:

Datum: 08.10.13 16:29
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Another issue is represented by the growing number of internet websites or social networks profiles that are confusing the contents of the animal liberation struggle and of the theory at the base of direct action, through a grotesque representation of the ALF as a 'black masked heroes commando'.

Mainly two of these platforms caught our attention: the website and their profile 'ALF – Fronte Liberazione Animale Italia'. These people went so far that they've started to ask for money for hypothetical prisoners support campaigns, but not one cent ever arrived to anybody in prison.

Their 'press office' is a scam and the lowest level was reached when they shared fake informations about a prisoner who never existed with the only aim of getting more donations.

For us you're nothing but enemies: you're no different from snitches and animal abusers and you deserve the same treatment. Don't publish or share this communique – you're not part of this struggle."
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 Spendengelder für erfundene "Tierrechtsgefangene"   neu 
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