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 Mother Teresa 'a friend of poverty, not of the poor'
Name: Achim StößerAchim Stößer Permalink:

Datum: 27.12.15 13:32
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Evidence shows that Mother Teresa took pleasure in the suffering of the poor, so why do we revere her, asks Carol Hunt

[...] Evidence - and her own words - show that Mother Teresa was not so much a "champion of the poor" but a religious fanatic who took pleasure in their suffering. Not only did she refuse to alleviate the pain of her patients but she gloried in it. As she herself said: "I think it is very beautiful for the poor to accept their lot, to share it with the passion of Christ. I think the world is being much helped by the suffering of the poor people."

Her famous 'Home for the Dying' in Calcutta was deliberately kept as barren, destitute and inadequate to the needs of her patients as possible. This, according to Teresa, was God's will. Even though the donations from wealthy patrons were enough to fund a number of world-class clinics, her patients languished in Dickensian poverty. In 1994, Robin Fox, of the medical journal Lancet, shocked many by saying that her "TB patients were not isolated and syringes were washed in lukewarm water before being used again. Even patients in unbearable pain were refused painkillers, not because the order did not have them but on principle".

[...] A sign on the Mother House says: "Tell them we are not here for work, we are here for Jesus. We are religious above all else. We are not social workers, not teachers, not doctors. We are nuns."

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