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In diesem Forum kann man vegane Kontakte knüpfen oder über tierrrechtsrelevante Anlässe informieren.

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 some suggestions
Name: martin Permalink: https://tierrechtsforen.de/6/2283/2284

Datum: 10.03.09 16:10
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Hello Jenny,

> can anyone suggest certain organisations or activities where
> they won't mind that my German is very limited??

Well, first I can suggest you our organisation, take a look at our agenda and consider if you can identify yourself with it (this is the only "requirement").

> I want to help, do protests or share yummy vegan food with people

We don't organize demonstrations, because experience has shown that it is ineffectively (the people are mostly not even vegan, they are protesting against e. g. animal testing and wearing thereby leather shoes or eating 'meat' at home). But of course we're accomplishing enlightenment-actions (photos).

Our recipe collection is the Tierrechtskochbuch (tier-rechts-koch-buch: animal-rights-cooking-book; see www.tierrechtskochbuch.de). We are always glad about new recipes, maybe you have some interesting one from New Zealand. You can send them in in english, it is no problem.
There is also a dictionary and a celsius-fahrenheit-scale they may help you.

Furthermore you can get active with our anti-animal-milk-campaign .
And finally we have here some informations in english:
http://www.maqi.de/english.html (mind the last sentence)

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